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Our Story

The Founder Mr. Md Hasham daydreamt of making people feel free to utilize their right to better livelihood. Evidence Action launched formally in 2013 awareness program one to one and one to group. This has been running since then but still have to improve the awareness program by conducting events in different parts of country. To measure the poverty interventions those have been proven to be effective in order to benefit millions of people. So we have circulated our views to corporates and Universities for their contribution in social services.

What We Do

Growing talent early

The new funding may prove fruitful for innovation, but there is a need for greater access to education for indians—approximately half of whom are under 25 years old…. 

Developing research                   areas

The new funding policy will advance India’s prowess in a number of strategic industries, such as space, energy, and the life sciences….

Expanding facilities and infrastructure

 The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are among India’s most prestigious academic institutions. These autonomous  institutes were.. 

Increasing career           opportunities

With the increases in funding and rapidly expanding institutions, opportunities are becoming more readily available for scientists …

Our Objective for Development of society values

we contribute our services to reduce poverty graph decline in fast developing countries, which requires strategic, high-value investment of scarce resources, whether it may come from donors, governments or communities. Interventions to reduce the burden of poverty need to be meticulously identified, examined, and mounted on to be cost-effective and have high impact on civil society. Such interventions are shown bulk in evidence of action plan development and de-risks models & allows hundreds of millions of people to be served and return on investment be measured. We work to bridge the gap between extensive innovation and pilot mediation on one hand and institutionalized programs on the other hand. We focus on our promising models and implement in a wise way of approaches to the needy. we support programs that are measurably effective. Our approach is to meet present society challenges and provide cost effective impact for millions. Our Motto is to self evaluate learn continuously and improve our models and measure globally:

  • Our target is cost-effective interventions in the public of below poverty level and improves the lives of   millions.
  •  Identifying latest innovations and appropriate financing mechanisms.
  •  Strong operational models to be built to meet demand.
  •  Will consider involvements whose efficacy is backed up substantial laborious evidence.

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