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Who are EBCs? Society neglected extremely poor people having income of less than Rs. One lakh and also not belongs to any of category like SC/ST/OBC. Though Government of India has got so many schemes to uplift them are at failure due officials’ neglect attitude. We NGOs fill those gaps and give the society a blossom to this community. EBC certification is purely on the basis of their annual income and the limit has been fixed by the respective state government   in which the people origin. This category never be considered as reserved to educate them. Education in India is so much commercialized that even middle rich also afraid of fee structure. Political parties due to vote bank are not enough doing to uplift Economically Backward Class. Anti-reservation agitations are the result of unrest by EBCs.

It seems there are two schemes from governments’ that are specifically designed for the poorer sections from the General Category one is Post-Matric Scholarship and Interest Subsidy on Educational Loans for Overseas Studies. But this is not enough to uplift EBCs.  We are inviting socially responsible people to contribute in the shape of donation to our NGO i-feed foundation in help these EBCs for the sake of humanity.

About Us

I feed foundation is focusing on Expanding facilities and infrastructure in research and development program for young scientists in all categories. IFF is also approaching Government of India and the prestigious institutions like The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) in this matter. This autonomous institute is established in 1960’s. Initially started in Kharagpur, Mumbai, Chennai, Kanpur, and Delhi now expanded to a total of 16. This increase reflects the government’s new policies


Innovation is a non-stoppable phenomenon whether it is in India or America or else where. Still our efforts are very meager in this field. We never had a proper program either from Government of India or from Universities.  We are initiating this for the sake of future India.

Though India is pushing science forward with nationwide initiatives and offering new career opportunities for scientists globally, our new generation didn’t understand the need of innovation.

Our Story


The Founder Mr. Md Hasham daydreamt of making people feel free to utilize their right to better livelihood.

Evidence Action launched formally in 2013 awareness program one to one and one to group. This has been running since then but still have to improve the awareness program by conducting events in different parts of country. To measure the poverty interventions those have been proven to be effective in order to benefit millions of people. So, have circulated our views to corporates and Universities for their contribution in social services.